About YT-Link Recommends

YT-Link was created with one purpose in mind - to help creators by providing software tools that can facilitate some of the creation tasks, starting with the link problem.

It's no surprise that there are a lot of youtube channels and sadly when navigating through youtube it's very difficult to find new creators because the youtube algorithm can only use numbers (views, subscribers, watch-time) to "recommend" channels and videos - thus leaving some very good and interesting content behind - this is where we hope to be able to intervene.

YT-Link Recommends is a platform where we will be posting some videos that we believe are worth your time - giving a human touch to a recommendation page will break the current problem of the algorithm.

Attached to the videos we'll be compilling a short description of the channels we will be recommending and attributing categories to them so that it'll be easier to navigate our recommendation page based on your own personal interests, we'll also categorize the videos based on the spoken language (English or Portuguese).

If you have suggestions of videos we should recommend please submit them here, we'll review them and if the criteria is met we'll publish the video.